Commercial Landscape Trends to Make Your Business Stand Out

Commercial Landscape Trends to Make Your Business Stand Out

Looking to add additional curb appeal to your commercial property? It can be difficult to know where to start. What will set you above your competition?

Here are some recent commercial landscaping trends to help you stand out from the other properties around you. They can all be incorporated together (if you have the space), or you can pick and choose what will work best for your business.

Pollinator Gardens

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If you would like an easy way to add vibrant colors and textures to your commercial landscaping, while also providing a safe haven for bees, pollinator gardens are a wonderful addition to your property.

These gardens will typically feature flowers that bees and other local pollinators can easily feed on. Doing this in your landscaping will also allow the insects to carry the pollen to your other flowers and plants, meaning that they will be better fertilized and have better blossoms and fruit.

Multi-functional Design

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Multi-functional design refers to having a landscape that is both pleasing to look at and functional in other ways as well. This is especially important for commercial landscapes, as you most likely want employees, customers, clients, to have space for eating, sitting, etc.

For example, consider adding benches or other seats with flowers and other greenery around them, picnic tables, maybe even a playground for children.

Other options include a fire pit, a zen or meditation garden, or water features. The possibilities are endless – it really just depends on what you need on your property and how much space you have to work with.

Private Areas

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If your commercial property has a lot of meetings and people discussing business on the phone, private outdoor areas may be a good idea. It can also be a great option for employees who want to eat lunch outside, etc.

Whether it’s a bench near a water feature, seating under a tree, or even a walking path, these can be easy to add and take up minimal space.

Less Symmetry

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While symmetry can be a fantastic aspect to your landscaping, adding a little more variety and asymmetrical elements can give your property a more unique look. Consider playing with textures, shapes, and colors, and even having a focal point in your landscaping.

Getting Help for Your Commercial Landscape

No matter what the size or purpose of your commercial landscaping is, there are always opportunities to try out new trends and revitalize your property.

Ready to get started? For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, consider contacting us for assistance with your commercial landscape. Give us a call today!