If you are looking to add an attractive accent to your landscape if it has a significant grade change, a garden wall or retaining wall may be the perfect solution. The experts at Homescape Now provide you with information about the best types of materials for your project. There are both manufactured concrete products as well as natural stone products that can be used for all types of garden walls and retaining walls.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can serve the dual purpose of being beautiful and functional. It takes a talented professional from Homescape Now to make sure that both aspects are considered. We go over the exact structure that needs to be created and work with your vision to bring a beautiful, aesthetic wall to life. When your project is finished, you will have a stunning focal point for your landscaping, as well as a resilient force holding back the earth or water behind it.

Retaining walls help maintain the shape of your landscape and your gardens, expand usable space or help in areas with problems. They essentially keep the soil (which can get heavy and soggy) in place. Without this barrier, it will not take long for soil spill-overs to creep to the driveway or walkways. Retaining wall construction involves skill and experience to ensure the walls will last for a long time.