Landscaping a Playground for Commercial Properties

Landscaping a Playground for Commercial Properties

Those of you with commercial properties may be tempted to incorporate a playground for children. Having a well-kept area for kids to safely play can make the facility a lot more appealing to parents and families, as long as you’re smart about it.

Depending on the type of playground and equipment you have, you will have to consider how the area looks as well as how safe it is. Liability, cost, and maintenance are all vitally important to keep in mind.

We are going to be sharing our tips for landscaping and maintaining a commercial playground, as well as why it’s so important to do. Let’s start with why you should consider landscaping maintenance for this area.

Why Landscaping Maintenance is Important for Playgrounds

So why is it so important to maintain good landscaping for the playgrounds on your commercial properties? There are actually a few different reasons.

1. Making the Most of Extra Land

The addition to your commercial property will take advantage of extra land that may not have had a use before. Adding a well-landscaped playground is good for you and tenants/visitors.

No matter what your commercial property is for, having a safe, manicured area for kids to play on and give parents a break is a great use of space. It will look more appealing to parents and children, as long as it’s maintained well.

Rather than just letting your extra land sit there, make the most of it with features that kids and adults alike will love.

2. Adding Value to Your Property

Installing a playground and then keeping up on the proper landscaping techniques for it can actually add a lot of value to your commercial property. In addition to bringing in additional customers/tenants who may enjoy the safe play area, it could potentially allow you to increase prices/rental rates due to the increased value.

3. Safety

Lastly, it is vitally important to consider safety as a factor when building and landscaping a playground for a commercial property.

Liability is a big factor when building a playground, and having one that is maintained well is actually significantly safer all around. By having a soft ground area filled with mulch instead of concrete or rocks, keeping the area clean of debris and well-lit, and making sure none of the equipment is damaged, less injuries will occur.

How to Landscape a Playground for Commercial Properties

So how should you landscape and maintain a playground on your commercial properties? Here are some tips.

Make Sure That You’re Up to Code

Depending on the state you live in, there may be different codes and regulations to consider. Contact your state department for the specifics.

The CPSC has a very helpful handbook filled with guidelines to help you with the building and maintaining process. Some of the tips and recommendations are completely voluntary, but they do highlight laws as well.

Consider Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting for the play area and playground promotes a safer place for children to play, and will also make it look significantly better.

There are many different choices for how to utilize landscape lighting– check out this guide for more information!

Choose Your Ground Cover Wisely

In addition to how the ground cover under the playground looks, you should consider how cost-effective and safe it is.

Some of the top choices include pea gravel, rubber tiles, mulch, wood chips, and sand. Depending on the area and the aesthetic you are looking for, you may want to shop around.

Schedule Regular Clean Up/Mowing

However you decide to design the playground for your commercial property, make sure that the upkeep is a top priority. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, mowing, cleaning up debris, and making sure the equipment is working is vitally important.

Our Final Thoughts on Landscaping a Playground for Commercial Properties

If you are unsure where you should begin, or what you should look for when landscaping and keeping up on a public playground, make sure that you contact a professional to help out. Doing this will ensure that you are doing it legally and as safely as possible.