To keep your perennial garden looking its best and staying healthy, weekly and annual maintenance and care is required. Homescape Now’s goals is to make that a place you can come home to and enjoy without lifting a finger.

Pest inspection and identify issues. We look for leaves with holes or ragged edges; discolored, sticky, or spotted leaves; chewed or abnormally growing flowers or buds; or damaged stems. We use only organic, chemical-free solutions for pest control.

Deadhead spent flowers. Using scissors or hand pruners, we snip off flower stems and remove damaged leaves.

Water. We use soaker hoses and drip irrigation pipes which apply water more efficiently than overhead sprinklers.

Pull weeds. We remove weeds on our scheduled weekly inspection by using our hands or small tools – never using chemicals or weed kill.

Edge the beds. Keep the edges between your garden and lawn well defined and tidy with a half-moon edger or garden spade. Facing the garden, push the tool blade straight down into the edge of the turf about 3 to 4 inches. Pull the handle toward you to remove a wedge of soil. Repeat around the perimeter of the garden. Compost the turf scraps.

Fertilize and mulch. We fertilize in early in the spring, using a slow-release fertilizer formulated for perennial gardens and we replace and renew with organic mulch.

Scheduled seasonal clean-up. In the autumn, we cut back perennials after the tops die back or leave them uncut for protection against the colder weather. In springtime, we cut back all dead stems and clear out the debris.

To Begin

Initial consultation
Plant health review and additional selection(s) desired
Work schedule provided
Irrigation check and repair
Removal, clean out, revive

Perennial Garden Maintenance Services

Monthly or bi-monthly arrangement
Pruning, deadheading, and weeding
Scheduled fertilization
Pest and disease control
Monthly billing

For more information on how we can maintain and care for your perennial garden, use our convenient online request form. We are happy to talk to you and answer all your questions AND we create beautiful results for you, too!