Create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor living space with an edible garden. Homescape Now specializes in blending the features of a traditional flower garden with an edible “kitchen garden” – using flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs to cultivate a sumptuous, edible landscape. Growing food-producing plants is not necessarily thrilling; however, arranging these plants to be as visually attractive as an ornamental garden makes it much easier to get excited if you love the way your garden looks!

We offer complete edible garden maintenance services, which is an excellent choice for those who want a productive garden but do not have the time or interest in performing the work. Growing a vegetable garden that will satisfy your needs is not an easy task, but we are experts and we are more than happy to help! During these visits, we bring the seeds, the vegetable starters, and everything necessary to grow your garden to its fullest potential and bring a bounty of the fruits and vegetables you love throughout the year!