Mulching also offers several benefits for your home. Mulch helps to maintain moisture around plants, prevents soil erosion, greatly improves soil conditions and reduces the growth of weeds. Certain mulches can be used to improve the pH level of the soil to meet the needs of specific plants. In addition to the benefits to plants and soil, mulching creates visual appeal. In order to secure the benefits of mulch, it is important to select the right mulch materials and use proper mulching techniques.

At Homescape Now we offer various forms of mulch to improve the look and condition of your landscaping. We save you the time and the aches and pains associated with mulching your landscape because we know that mulching is a tough job and hard work for any homeowner.
Our mulching services team will help you decide which mulch is right for flower beds, how much mulch you will need, or if you really need mulch at all. We make sure all of your landscapers are properly trained to install mulch to guarantee mulch is installed the correct way to optimize all of its purposes.