How to Keep Your Commercial Landscape Clean and Safe

How to Keep Your Commercial Landscape Clean and Safe

While making sure your commercial landscape is aesthetically pleasing is important, the main focus should be on keeping it extremely clean and perfectly safe for employees, customers, and children.

What can you do to ensure that you are meeting these standards? Here are our top ways to keep your commercial landscaping as clean and safe as possible.

Top Ways to Keep Your Commercial Landscaping Neat and Safe

Depending on the size, aesthetics, climate, and needs of your commercial property, there may be different specifics for keeping it clean and safe. However, no matter what your landscaping looks like, the following three tips are vital.

1. Pay Special Attention to the Edges of Your Commercial Landscaping

First things first, focus on the edges of your commercial landscaping.

On top of making your entire property look much neater, it also makes it a safer area as well. For example, if you don’t focus on trimming shrubs and plants near the edges of your property, or letting leaves pile up and hide the edge, someone could trip and injure themselves.

Edges that are maintained well will make it easier for cars, animals, and motor vehicles to see the end of your property and adjust their path accordingly. Cars that can clearly see where your landscape ends and begins have less of a chance of running off the road and/or damaging your trees, plants, and flowers.

For properties with just a lawn at the edge, make sure the grass is regularly cut, fertilized, and weeded. If you have shrubs, trees, and/or plants lining the edge of your property, make sure they are pruned, trimmed, and watered.

2. Time Your Landscaping Maintenance

In order to maintain optimal effectiveness and efficiency, landscaping maintenance should be scheduled and continuously done at the same time. Doing this will make the best of the resources and time that you have, and will also ensure that your landscaping thrives.

Take advantage of environmental conditions including, the growth cycles of plants, seasons, etc. Knowing what your plants and trees need at certain times of the year is extremely important, and it will allow you to keep everything as neat and clean as possible.

On top of this tip keeping your commercial property neat, it is also a great way to promote safety as well. If you have people walking on your business property that potentially have children or pets, scheduling landscaping is a great way to keep dangerous tools and machines away from them. It will also keep your property less crowded during the busy hours of the day.

3. Consider Your Landscaping Tools and Practices

Lastly, you will need to make sure that your landscaping tools and practices are being done and utilized properly.

By using the proper tools for tasks like pruning and weeding, you are helping to eliminate risks of injury. Making sure that the tools are properly cleaned, oiled, and sharpened will prevent unnecessary risk as well.

Using dull blades can cause serious damage to your trees and plants, as well as the person using them if they aren’t careful. It’s why you should also consider your landscaping practices as well. Whether it’s you or someone else doing the work, landscaping safety needs to be taken seriously and implemented.

Our  Final Thoughts on Keeping Your Commercial Landscape Clean and Safe

By taking these tips seriously and implementing them into your commercial landscaping, you are encouraging a much safer, cleaner area to conduct business.

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