Upcycling is the creative reuse of waste materials, transforming unwanted industry by-products into new and improved materials of equal or better quality. As a philosophy and a movement, upcycling in San Francisco means carbon sequestration for our environment, historical salvage of San Francisco’s past, and a unique local lumber resource for our community.


Arbor Upcycle is the only company in San Francisco dedicated to salvaging and milling downed trees in San Francisco. After a tree is removed due to storm damage or urban development Arbor Upcycle will strive to salvage the tree for its timber. The tree is then milled into slabs on-site with our portable Granberg Alaskan Mill or at our warehouse with our thin kerf Woodmizer LT40 bandsaw mill. The 3” live edge wood slabs are then stickered and set aside to cure until they are stable enough to build with or sell.