How to Protect Your Landscaping From Storms

How to Protect Your Landscaping From Storms

Heavy storms can really take a toll on your landscaping, so it’s important to try and do as much damage control as possible before it happens.

Here are some of our top suggestions for ensuring that you and your property stay safe in the event of a large storm.

Unplug Everything

Once you know that a storm is coming, you should make sure the following items are turned off before it starts:


-Electrical system

-Propane tanks

If you live in an area that experiences frequent, dangerous storms, you should consider installing a generator for emergencies as well.

Take Care of Your Pool

For those of you with inground pools in your backyard, you have some additional tasks to take care of in the event of bad weather.

Make sure that you have either wrapped the pump motor with plastic or removed it all together and put it in a dry and safe place.

Also turn off the circuit breaker for the pool equipment, the one that controls the motor, chlorinators, lighting, etc.

You definitely don’t want to drain the entire pool, but you can lower the water level by a foot or so if you are worried about overflowing or additional flooding.

If you have any pool furniture, flotation devices, or other loose objects nearby, make sure they are secured and/or put away.

Bring in Furniture

If you have outdoor furniture, grills/barbeques, potted plants, and/or loose stones and other objects in your landscaping, make sure they are also secured or put inside as well.

Leaving loose furniture and other things outside when a storm is coming could be dangerous for any people or animals outside, windows, or cars that are nearby. If the wind is bad enough, they could blow away or become damaged.

Prune Your Trees and Shrubs

While you should of course be pruning your plants throughout the whole year, make sure that all of your loose and broken branches are taken care of before heavy storms happen. This will ensure that you don’t have any blunt objects flying around that could potentially cause injury.

Consider Flood Insurance

For those of you who live in an area that experiences a lot of hurricanes or heavy rains, you may want to consider flood insurance for your property.

If you have storms that could really cause intensive damage to your property, your homeowners or renters insurance won’t be enough to cover it. Make sure you are properly prepared for whatever comes your way.

Stay Safe

Once you have taken all the precautions you can, make sure to keep yourself safe as well. Stay indoors, keep your kids and pets inside, stay away from windows in the case of extremely bad storms, and evacuate if you are asked to.

Heavy rainstorms and hurricanes are serious business, so it’s important to do all you can to avoid damage and/or injury.