How to Landscape When Selling Your Home

How to Landscape When Selling Your Home

If you have ever sold a home before (or you are in the process of doing so now) you definitely know how important first impressions can be. When it comes to your house, your landscaping is providing that initial impression to potential buyers.

We are going to be providing you with easy and inexpensive ways to ensure your property looks incredible for the selling process. You have enough on your plate with keeping the house clean and dealing with moving, let us help with the landscaping tips.

Prune and Shape Regularly

The most important thing for potential buyers to see when they come to look at your home is a clean, healthy yard. This can easily be done without spending any money, as you will simply need your own two hands and some pruning shears.

Make sure that all the weeds in your flower beds have been removed, as well as any that may have sprouted up around/under your deck and patio, and in your driveway. Clear away any dead and/or damaged plants from your garden and plant beds, and prune the plants to give them a better shape.

Taking away any distractions will ensure that those visiting your property only see the beauty of your flowers and green lawn, instead of focusing on the dead plant matter and sprouting weeds.

This goes for your trees as well. Make sure that they are trimmed and healthy before anyone comes to see your house.

Spruce Up Your Mulch

Nothing gives a landscape a more vibrant, rejuvenating look than a new layer of mulch. It can be fairly inexpensive to purchase, and simple enough to spread over your garden beds and around your trees.

The darkness of new mulch also does a fantastic job of enhancing the contrast of the surrounding plants and flowers, which will make everything pop and become more pleasing to the eye.

Clean Up Water Features

If your landscaping includes any water features, such as a small pond, waterfall, etc. these need to be cleaned regularly for potential buyers. Fortunately, this task will really cost you nothing except for a little time.

Cleaning out a water feature includes removing any visible algae, cleaning any filters they may have, and removing leaves and other debris to ensure that water is clear. Having water features that don’t work properly or look good can really soil the view of your landscape.

Add Additional Color

If you have some gaps that need to be filled in your flower beds or other parts of your landscape, try adding some additional color to boost your curb appeal.

We recommend picking out bright and colorful annuals that are also fairly low-maintenance. This ensures that your landscaping will brighten up instantly, and you also won’t have any unseemly gaps

This also works well for porches and/or patios. You can purchase hanging baskets of colorful flowers, or plant them in containers. In addition to adding brightness to a duller area, it also adds in some nice texture as well.

Depending on the hardiness zone you live in, you could even consider some evergreen bushes for some year round color as well.

Power Wash Your Hardscaping

Last but not least, we recommend renting or buying a power washer to clean off your hardscaping. This task takes very little time and effort, but has a huge payoff.

Power washing your hardscaping takes all the dirt, grime, and debris off of your stone, wood, and other hard surfaces and makes them look brand new. On top of that, it does a fantastic job of cleaning your brick or vinyl siding, and your fencing.

Good Luck, and Happy Selling

We hope you found our landscaping tips helpful in selling your home. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and need additional assistance, contact Homescape Now for help today! We offer yard cleanup and debris removal services that can handle the pruning and cleanup for you, mulching and edging services, water feature services, patio/walkway hardscaping services, and design services to assist you with picking out the best plants for you.