Easy Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Landscaping

Easy Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Landscaping

If you are someone who has worked hard to ensure that your landscaping always looks nice, you may have considered landscape lighting as well. Why should you make the move and add it to your property?

Here’s why we think that landscape lighting is so important, as well as a few easy ways to add it to your yard without breaking the bank.

Why is Landscape Lighting Important?

So, why is landscape lighting important?

On top of adding a level of beauty and sophistication to your yard in the evenings, it’s also great for setting the mood at summer parties. Landscape lighting can also keep guests safe around walkways, pools, and other plants and objects you have in the area.

Lastly, adding lights to your landscaping adds a level of security to your property. Additional lights in your backyard will help keep potential break-ins from happening, and it will allow you to see any strangers lurking in your yard.

Now that you know why it’s important to consider, let’s take a look at some easy, affordable ways to add landscape lighting to your property.

Lighting for Pools and Other Water Features

Adding lighting in and around pools and other water features is a great way to create some additional beauty in your nighttime landscape. It’s also a fantastic way to promote safety for you, your family, and guests to your home.

Water features without any lighting could be a danger if you have an outdoor event that runs into the evening, as it would be easier to trip or even fall into the water.

Here are some of our top ideas for water feature lighting

-Installing lights in your pool/pond/waterfall

-Installing lights around the borders of the water feature

-Use surrounding plants and trees to hold decorative lights to illuminate the area.

These lights do not have to be extremely expensive or fancy, they just have to work for the area and purpose that you need them to.

Lighting for Patios

Another very easy and potentially affordable option for lighting in your landscaping is around your patio or on your deck. It gives you the perfect place to hang out on warm summer evenings with family and friends, and it will create a much cozier outdoor experience for your outdoor living areas.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for patios and deck lighting:

-For covered areas, installing a light with a fan, chandelier, or other decently sized light fixture

-Using strings of rope lights, Christmas lights, or Edison bulbs for a fashionable look that also lights up the space.

-For areas with outlets and covers, consider lamps and larger light fixtures for a unique look.

Lighting for Stairs

Last but not least, consider lighting for any outdoor stairways you have. These areas could potentially be very dangerous if left dark at night, and adding light to them makes them a much more beautiful feature as well.

Here are some ideas for lighting up your stairs:

-Add small lamps, outdoor lanterns, or other singular lights on each stair

-Use string lights, rope lights, or Christmas lights to line the area

-Use overhead lights on your home, trees, and other plants to light up the stairway.

Handling Landscape Lighting the Right Way

Now before you get started, there are a few legal and safety aspects to consider as well.

Before purchasing or hanging up any lights, contact your local building department for any local guidelines or codes that may prohibit certain lighting levels or typos.

Once you know what the laws are in your area, make sure you are comfortable with the lighting you want and know how to safely hang them. If you are hanging lights in large trees or other elevated areas, make sure you have the proper safety gear and someone else to spot you.

One final safety tip – do not submerge lights that are plugged into any ponds, pools, or other bodies of water. Use lights designated for water and contact a professional if you are not sure how to do it.

We hope you found our tips helpful, and now have a better idea of how to incorporate outdoor landscaping lighting. If you need additional assistance with this project, contact your local, trusted landscaping company. For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Homescape Now for assistance today!