Your Summer Landscaping Checklist

Your Summer Landscaping Checklist

What should you be focusing on in your summer landscaping? While a lot of this question is going to depend on what you are planting and what your yard looks like, we have some basics to help you out.

Here are our top 4 tips for ensuring that everything goes well for your landscaping this summer season.

Keep These Landscaping Tips in Mind This Summer

Let this checklist be your base for your landscaping this season. While they are all simple ideas, they are vitally important in warmer weather.

1. Water, Water, Water

First things first, you need to make sure you are watering all of your plants sufficiently. If you live somewhere with exceptionally hot and sunny summers, your plants, flowers, and trees may need more water than they received in cooler months.

For your landscaping this summer, consider automatic irrigation to ensure that your lawn is always moist and green. Also, research your plants, flowers, and trees to make sure that they are receiving the water that they need.

2. Make Sure Your Mower is in Tip-Top Shape

Your lawn is going to grow the longest and fastest during the warm spring and summer months. Meaning, you are going to need to use your lawn mower more often to keep up with it.

Besides normal wear and tear, your lawn mower may need a good tune-up at the beginning of the summer to make sure it’s ready for the extra work. You can learn to do this yourself easily at home.

3. Pest Control

Depending on where you live, different pests may cause you some issues in the summer. Whether it’s moles, mosquitos, deer, bugs, etc. make sure that you are fully prepared to deal with the pests and the damage they could cause.

4. Prepare for Fall

If you already know that you want lots of gorgeous fall color in your landscaping when autumn rolls around, start preparing during the hot summer months.

You can shop around for cheaper annuals and start planting them, get your garden beds ready for new plants, and plan out your landscaping for colder months. Doing this will make your chores in the fall much easier to handle.

Our Final Thoughts on Your Summer Landscaping

If you find yourself needing additional help with your summer landscaping, contact your favorite local landscaping company for assistance.

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Homescape Now for help making the ideal summer landscaping for you!