Your Outdoor Thanksgiving Checklist

Your Outdoor Thanksgiving Checklist

The upcoming holiday is coming quickly, and you are probably scrambling to finish up the last-minute tasks on your list. It is vitally important that you don’t forget your lawn and landscape during the preparations as well.

We are going to be sharing our checklist for your outdoor thanksgiving chores to ensure that nothing goes undone before the holiday.

How to Prepare Your Lawn and Landscape for Thanksgiving

No matter if you are hosting guests in your backyard or not, it’s important that every aspect of your home looks clean and inviting. Here are some of our suggestions for creating the perfect atmosphere for your thanksgiving guests.


These tasks are best done right before guests arrive, as they may have to be repeated otherwise.

Make sure that all of your walkways, outdoor stairways, and patios are swept off, raked, and removed of clutter completely. This will ensure that your entryways and walkways are safe for your guests and you won’t have to worry about anyone slipping or falling and injuring themselves.

If you think you will have guests sitting outside at any point, make sure that any outdoor furniture is wiped off and leaves/debris are removed from around them.

For those of you with backyard gardens that are growing some of your thanksgiving treats, make sure to pick any of those vegetables and herbs in advance.


What could be better on your Thanksgiving dinner table than your garden’s fresh veggies, fruits, and spices? If you do have a garden to pick from, make sure you prepare for the big day!

Check your thanksgiving recipes for ways you can add in your own homegrown foods. You can do this with your already established family favorites or find a few new recipes to try.

Another great option is checking out Arborist Now’s recipe for Balsam Fir syrup. If you have any pine trees in your landscaping, this is an easy, delicious recipe for hot drinks or even to drizzle over your meat.

This is the perfect time of year for a lot of varieties of pumpkin, squash, and fall fruits – take advantage of it!

Heavy-Duty Tasks

Last but not least, consider these more intense tasks before your guests arrive this thanksgiving.

You’ll want to move your furniture around, both inside and outside, to make it easily accessible and comfortable for your company. Also consider your landscape lighting – make sure that your walkways and stairs are well lit for safety, and that your manicured areas are highlighted.

If you have guests sitting on your back deck or in your backyard, consider some portable heaters to keep everyone warm.

For dull areas of the house, consider some indoor trees or plants to spruce up the area.

Have a Great Thanksgiving Holiday!

We hope you found our guide helpful in making your Thanksgiving festivities perfect! Make sure to pace yourself, don’t work too hard, and have an amazing holiday.