What Should You Plant in Your Rock Garden?

What Should You Plant in Your Rock Garden?

If you are someone who is really interested in hardscaping and the idea of having a rock garden, we are here to help you find the best plants for it.

There are quite a few beautiful plants that will thrive in a rocky area with little water, but there are a lot of plants that can’t handle that environment as well. We are going to share some of our favorite options for plants that are perfect for your rock garden.


So what should you look for in a plant that can survive surrounded by rocks?

One aspect that is extremely important to consider is having greenery that is resistant to drought. Your plant is not going to get the amount of natural rain and nutrients that it would receive if it were planted in rich soil.

On top of that, your rock garden and plants will both need to have decent drainage abilities. The water that does gather in the rock garden should have a way to drain the excess away, in order to keep the roots safe from drowning.

Consider the area and climate you live in as well. Typically the type of plants that are appropriate for rock gardens are going to be ones that require full sun. You will want a sunny, warm area in your yard, as well as one that doesn’t get too cold either.

Now that you know what to look out for, here are some of our favorite choices for rock garden plants.


Lavender is an awesome colorful, popular option for your rock garden. This delicate purple flower is classified as an evergreen for warmer climates, and its USDA hardiness zone is 5 to 8.

If you really like butterflies, this plant is actually known to attract them with their sweet odor. Ants also really dislike their smell, so they are great repellent for those insects as well.

They are fairly tall, usually reaching between two and three feet tall, and they usually spread out around 5-6 feet.

Lavender performs best when it is in full sun, and planted in alkaline, well-drained soil.


Succulents are another excellent option for planting in rocky, sunny areas. These are plants that typically require very little attention and watering, so they are very easy to take care of. They thrive in bright, bright areas with lots of sun and very little rain, so take that into consideration before planting them outside.

These plants come in a vast array of different styles. Some of the more popular options include aloe, jade, and cacti, and there are many other types as well. No matter what aesthetic your landscaping has, there is bound to be a style of succulent that will go well with the other plants and features of your backyard.

Black-Eyed Susan

Last but not least we have the gorgeous and simple Black-Eyed Susan. This flower offers some beautiful contrast between the yellow petals and the black middle, and it looks good among many other plants as well.

This is a sunny, bright flower that is bound to perk up your mood and your yard equally. They typically begin blossoming in mid-summer or even later, making them the perfect fall plant as well.

One aspect that we really like about these flowers is that some varieties of them are annuals and others are perennials. Some people prefer one over the other, so it is nice to have a choice in the matter.

Our Final Thoughts

There are many other fantastic options for rock gardens, but these are our absolute favorites. Creating and tending to a rock garden can be such a fun, easy way to add some color and variety to a landscaped backyard, so we highly recommend it!

What are your favorite drought resistant plants? Did any of your favorites make our list?