Top Tips for Making Your Own Natural Christmas Wreath

Top Tips for Making Your Own Natural Christmas Wreath

Christmas and/or winter wreaths are perfect to welcome guests into your home. Wouldn’t it be even better if you used your own materials and made it your own?

We are going to be sharing our top tips for making your own natural Christmas wreath with materials from your own landscaping. First, let’s discuss what you will need to get started.

Supplies for Making Your Own Wreaths

Before you get started, there are a few materials you will want to gather for your natural Christmas wreath.

Make sure you have:

Floral wire

Work gloves (to help you avoid the prickly needles, twigs, and sticky sap)

Craft glue

– Evergreen branches/leaves/pine cones etc. Any other natural materials that you would like to incorporate.

Depending on the type of wreath you want to go with, you could also consider extra materials like glitter, spray paint, tinsel, bows, etc. The beauty of making your own wreath is that you can add whatever you would like to it.

Using Wire for Your Wreath

Wire is definitely the material we recommend for creating your perfect Christmas wreath. Using wire frames gives you a lot more versatility over other types of materials. Wire is available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and it is strong enough for heavier materials like citrus fruits and evergreen boughs.

You can use a single-wire frame for a thinner, more delicate looking wreath, and a double-wire wreath for ones that are heavier and more lush looking.

Simply attach the floral wire on a paddle to the crossbar of a double-wire wreath form, any shape that you would like will work just fine.

Attaching Materials

Once you have the wire set up exactly how you would like it, you are ready to start attaching materials to it and make your wreath. Let’s start with the greenery.

Attaching the Greenery

Once you have chosen the type of evergreen or other branches/twigs/leaves you would like on your wreath, simply lay a small bundle of the greenery you have chosen on the form. Then, wrap the wire tightly around the stems three separate times.

At this point, keep the wire uncut. Add another bundle, and when you do make sure to overlap the previous one by half, then wrap the wire around the stems. Continue to add bundles until you have gone full circle and have reached the starting point again.

Now you can tuck the wire under the form, secure it with a knot and cut it. When the entire wire form is covered, tie it off, but make sure to leave a few additional inches before cutting the end of it. This additional wire can be used to make a hanger for your door, etc.

Attaching Embellishments

Once you have all of the greenery attached, you can start with the additional decorations. Use your craft glue or additional wire to attach any pine cones, ornaments, berries, etc.

Just make sure they are fully attached, otherwise you may have to re-glue or wire them to the wreath.

Making Your Wreath Sparkle

As for final touches, there are definitely some easy ways to make your wreath shine and/or sparkle.

If you would like some additional splashes of color, consider purchasing either silver or gold spray paint for the needles/leaves on the wreath or the added pine cones.

Another option is buying some glitter and sprinkling it over the wreath. This will make it shine in the sun, and give it a unique look.

Final Thoughts on Making Your Own Christmas Wreath

No matter what type of wreath you plan on making, these tips will ensure that it looks beautiful the whole holiday season.

What does your ideal Christmas wreath look like?