Top 4 Fencing Material Choices for Your Property

Top 4 Fencing Material Choices for Your Property

Looking to build a new fence on your property and having a hard time knowing what material to choose? Homescape Now is here to help!

There are many diverse options for what can be used for materials for your backyard fence. This means you can choose any style or design you really want easily, without being limited by your options.

We are going to be taking a look at our five favorite choices for fencing material, as well as a nifty guide on helping you choose what the best option is for you.

How Do I Choose?

The most important aspect to think about before you go shopping for your perfect fence is the material you want to make it out of. What should you consider when you make your choice?

Why Do You Want a Fence?

First, let’s consider why you want to put in a fence. Are you simply looking for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your backyard? Is it for privacy? Will the fence be used to keep children and pets inside of it?

Whatever your reasons may be, they are the strongest indicator of what material you should buy. Make sure that before you purchase any materials you have considered every single thing the fence will be used for.

What Aesthetic Do You Like the Most?

All of the materials we have chosen look very, very different from each other. They can also all be built into very different fence designs. What do you want your fence to look like? What colors and textures will look best with your landscaping?

Having a fence that is functional and looks great will ensure that you will love it for years to come.

How Much Do You Want to Pay?

Different materials will cost you different amounts. This refers both to actually buying the raw material on its own, and the cost to pay someone to build the fence or to build it yourself.

Make sure before you start with this project that you have a budget in mind and a dollar amount that is the maximum you want to spend. That way you have a little wiggle room while considering materials and narrowing them down will be much easier.

Where are You Located/What is Your Climate Like?

Lastly, the climate that you live in and where you are located are important factors to heavily consider. If you live somewhere with an HOA, they may have certain restrictions on the types of fencing you can put up. Also, different climates are better for certain materials.

Making sure to research any laws and/or HOA rules before getting started, as well as how the material you choose will do in your weather are great steps to take before choosing a material and style of fence.

Now that we have all the basic questions to keep in mind while choosing a material, let’s go through some of the options you have that we think are the best choices. We will consider the positives, negatives, pricing, and purpose that all of these different fencing materials have.

Composite Fencing

The first choice on our list is composite fencing.

If you aren’t sure what this type of material consists of, it is generally created from different recycled materials like wood fibers and plastic. The end result is a fantastic fencing material that actually looks like a real wood fence.

It is called composite fencing due to the word composite referring to the process of bringing together two or more materials that aren’t similar to create something better and stronger. For this particular material of course, this refers to the plastic and wood fibers.


We absolutely love this material for several different reasons. The first being that it is an incredibly dense, stable, durable product that is mostly completely unaffected by moisture. This makes it a great candidate for the perfect fencing material, as it won’t be damaged over time by weather and nature, even if you live somewhere extremely humid or rainy.

Another aspect that is really great about composite fencing is that it is environmentally friendly. The material is made up almost entirely of recycled materials, which keeps plastic out of landfills.

The fences made of this material are very low maintenance when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. They are also very easy to build and install in your yard.

It is also gorgeous. This material looks almost just like real wood, except that it does do better in moisture. If you are interested in a wood fence but are concerned about how it will hold up, this is the material for you.


The only negative aspect to consider for this material is that it is considerably more expensive than other types of fencing materials. Per linear foot, this material can cost anywhere from $9 to $45 dollars, depending on the quality and the type of fencing you are considering.

Vinyl Fencing

Next on our list we have vinyl fencing. This is another great choice for your yard, and it’s really popular in residential neighborhoods as well.

Vinyl fencing is a type of plastic fencing created with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This material is mixed with other materials to create an incredibly strong, durable fence that can withstand any kind of weather.


This type of fencing is very easy to care for. You won’t experience any issues with warping or rotting, and the fence will not split or blister like other materials do. This material won’t ever need to be painted, stained, or sanded – it will consistently look the same as long as you have it in your yard. You can simply spray the fence with a hose to clean it off too.

It is also incredibly safe for children and pets. They will not be able to easily get over or through the vinyl fence, and is not treated with any harmful chemicals for them to ingest. There are also no splinters or nails for them to hurt themselves on.


One of the negatives that people tend to mention about this type of fencing, is that it isn’t quite as pretty as having a wood fence. However, there are also many people who love the clean, white look of a vinyl fence.

Another aspect to consider is that algae, mold and mildew can build up on vinyl fences and cause ugly stains if they are not washed regularly.

This material is also more expensive than wood as well. It will cost anywhere from $20-40 per linear foot for the materials.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing does of course make our list, as it is a gorgeous addition to any landscaping and a favorite among many homeowners.


The aesthetics of having a wooden fence cannot really be beaten by any other material. They are natural, easy to make into any style you desire, and absolutely beautiful.

It also tends to cost less than purchasing vinyl or composite fencing. There are different factors to consider, such as the quality and type of wood you go with, but you will still see a significant price difference.

Installation is fairly simple too. Most of the materials you will need to build and install it yourself can be mostly found at your local hardware stores. Adding railings, flower boxes, or other elements are easily done with a wood fence too.


Wood fencing is going to be a lot harder to maintain than other materials. They are more likely to be infested by bugs or even rotting after long periods of time. Maintenance will be a fairly constant and consistent task if you go with a wooden fence.

Moisture can also be very damaging towards a wood fence. The material can warp, causing the fence posts to lean or even fall if they aren’t inspected regularly.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Our last choice that we love for fencing material is wrought iron fencing.

This is a gorgeous, sophisticated, vintage looking fencing material that will definitely add some character to your home and landscaping.


Wrought iron fencing is incredibly strong, even more so than wood and vinyl fencing. This makes it a fantastic choice for a security fence, as it will be much harder for an intruder to get through.

They are also fairly easy to maintain, especially if you have them painted. Paint keeps away any tiny pits that may form in the metal, which will cause the fencing to corrode over time.

It is also a very aesthetically pleasing look, and the material can be designed in many different ways. You can make all kinds of different designs for your fence with wrought iron.


This is definitely a very expensive choice for fencing material. It will cost you around $25 to $30 per linear foot.

Time to Choose Your New Fence

Now that you have the right questions in mind, and different materials to choose from, you are all ready to get started!

If you do find that you need some additional assistance in creating the perfect fence for your landscaping, please contact us today for some professional assistance.

Have you used any of these materials for your own fence before? If so, would you recommend it to others?