To-Do List: March Gardening

To-Do List: March Gardening

As the spring season begins, and you may have some extra time at home, it’s important to make sure your garden and landscaping are ready for the upcoming weather changes.

Here are our top suggestions for chores to tackle this month in your garden.

Repot Houseplants

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The month of March is ideal for transplanting your houseplants into a larger pot with new, fresh soil. This applies to both actual houseplants or plants that need to be transported back outside.

If your plants are root bound, this is even more important. For roots that are growing into a tight ball, make sure to loosen them carefully with your hands in order to encourage new growth.

Lastly, make sure to prune any houseplants that may have become too long and unruly during the winter season.

Check Irrigation


Now is also the best time to check your irrigation system if you have one. It’s important to look out for inefficient spray patterns, broken heads, leaks, etc. Doing this now will prevent any wasted water and money later on in the year.

It’s also the perfect time to reset your timers to ensure that your yard is getting the ideal amount of water.

Clear Out Flower Beds

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Your flower beds will most likely have a lot of winter debris leftover that will need to be cleaned out. Rake away old mulch, wet leaves, and dead plants to allow your perennials and spring bulbs to poke through easily. This will allow buds to come up easily and the soil to warm up due to exposure to the sun.

We recommend either using your hands or a plastic tool to remove packed down leaves and mulch. Using sharp, metal tools could potentially damage the plants below the soil.

Plant Annual Flowers

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As long as you are in a frost-free area, you can start to plant warm-season annuals this month. If you do live in a climate that still has the potential for frost, make sure to keep a grow cloth handy to cover the plants in this event.

Hiring Professionals to Complete Your March Gardening To-Do List

Depending on the trees, plants, hardscaping, and other elements of your landscaping, there may be other chores to consider in the month of March. If you feel like you may need additional assistance with these tasks, it may be time to call in a professional to help you out. Make sure to contact a local, trusted landscaping company near you.

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