Our Top Tips for Saving Water in Your Landscaping

Our Top Tips for Saving Water in Your Landscaping

If you are looking for simple ways to use less water in your landscaping, we have 5 tips and tricks to get you started.

Whether it’s for the environment, for efficiency, or just to save money, saving water is definitely a great habit to start and stick to. Here are some easy ways to incorporate less water waste into your outdoor space.

1. Make Your Watering Process as Efficient as Possible

First things first, make sure that you are using the most efficient, effective method to water your plants, trees, and lawn.

Consider irrigation methods to save water. Doing this allows you to water less frequently, and it gives your soil a chance to dry out slightly between being watered.

When watering your property, do so in the morning to avoid high temperatures and wind. By doing so, less water will be lost due to excessive heat or runoff.

For those of you with a sloped yard, water everything more frequently but for shorter amounts of time to avoid runoff.

2. Group Alike Plants Together

If you are still looking for plant ideas in your landscaping, consider growing low-water-use plants.

Once you have all of the plants picked out, do your best to group them together based on their water needs. Putting plants that need less water together and those that need more water together will ensure that nothing is being over or underwatered.

3. Mulch

Using organic mulch will save you water by reducing evaporation, cooling the soil down, and encouraging healthy roots for your plants, flowers, and trees.

Mulching around plants could also help you eliminate weeds that suck up precious water resources.

While mulching your landscaping isn’t too extensive of a process, it does need to be done fairly regularly. You will want to reapply an additional 2-3 inches frequently to keep it looking good and working nicely.

4. Consider Reducing the Size of Your Lawn

Lawns actually consume quite a bit of water, and reducing (or eliminating) yours is a great way to save some H2O and money.

Hardscaping is definitely an easy way to eliminate some of your lawn. You can incorporate water features, stones, pavers, or anything else you would like to fill up the empty space. Depending on where you live and the amount of space you have, this may be a plausible option.

Another word for making your landscaping as conservative with water use as possible is Xeriscaping. Check out our blog on the subject.

5. Save Rainwater

Last but not least, making the effort to save rainwater or even reuse grey water will save quite a bit of water in the long run. You can purchase (or make) systems to do this easily, and some people even incorporate it into their irrigation system.

Our Final Thoughts on Saving Water in Your Landscaping

No matter what you’re reasoning, we are happy that you are considering ways to conserve water in your life.

If you do need additional assistance with irrigation, watering plant life in general, or anything else to do with landscaping in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Homescape Now today for help!