Our Top Tips for Growing Plants Around a Pool

Our Top Tips for Growing Plants Around a Pool

For those of you with pools in your backyard, you may be wondering how you should choose plants for around the area. There are a lot of different factors to consider, so you do want to put extra thought into this part of your property.

We are sharing our top tips for landscaping around an inground pool. No matter how much space you have, or what your tastes are, these ideas should at least have you heading in the right direction.

1. Planting Trees Around a Pool

While there may be trees that you have considered for your landscaping, you have to think about a few different aspects if you are planning on planting around your pool. Before getting your heart set on a specific type of tree, you will want to think about the following things:

– The trees you choose for your pool area should definitely have shallow root systems. If you choose something with an extensive system of roots, it could cause them to grow into the plumbing and even cause your concrete to crack open.

– Choose trees that are less messy, meaning that they don’t have leaves or seeds falling from them constantly. Otherwise you will have to spend additional time cleaning things out of the filter and the water.

– Find trees that reach a full height that won’t block the view of your landscaping. Knowing how big the tree will end up being will save you headaches in the long run.

– If you live in an area with bad weather, consider choosing trees that will fit in large containers that can be easily moved. This will make it much easier to protect your trees in the event of a bad storm.

Lastly, make sure you are choosing trees that fit your overall theme for your landscaping. This will help ensure that everything looks intended and uniform.

2. Succulents and Cacti

Succulents and cacti are a great option for the landscaping around your trees. Most of them don’t need a lot of water, and they are perfect to integrate with additional plants for a fuller look.

You will want to make sure that the succulents and/or cacti you choose don’t have sharp thorns or needles, as these could hurt people who are trying to swim in the pool.

Some great succulent choices for the pool area include Cotyledon, Dudleya, Aeonium, Kalanchoe, Sedum, and many others.

When it comes to cacti, they can definitely be a beautiful addition to your pool landscaping, just make sure that they are far enough away that someone swimming won’t get injured by them.

3. Container Gardens

Just like we discussed earlier when it came to planting trees around your pool landscaping, putting plants in containers is a great way to ensure they are staying safe during bad weather or put inside when it’s cold.

Try to choose hardy plants that don’t have roots that will spread out too much in the container, and plants that won’t be bothered by full sun and a little splashing.

4. Vines

If you are looking for plants that can help you provide a little more privacy, vines are an excellent choice. Typically, these plants grow very quickly, and can be easily trained as a living roof on your pergola or arbor.

Some great vines to try out include Jasmine, Passionflower, Honeysuckle, and Lady Banks rose.

What to Consider When Choosing Plants for Your Backyard Pool

Before choosing any plants for your pool landscaping, make sure that they fulfill your needs. Having plants that work well in your climate, are the right size and shape, have a great scent and color, and are the level of maintenance that works for your is extremely important.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area looking for some assistance in choosing, planting, and designing your ideal landscaping around your pool, contact Homescape Now today!