Encouraging and Creating Teamwork Within Your Landscaping Company

Encouraging and Creating Teamwork Within Your Landscaping Company

Having a landscaping crew that has bonded and connects well with each other is vitally important. How do you ensure that this is the case with your landscaping company?

We are going to be discussing simple ways to make sure that the members of your landscaping crew are getting along and becoming an excellent professional team.

Have Clear Goals for Everyone on the Team

The first step in creating a more cohesive team is ensuring that every member has clear, set goals within the company. On top of that, every employee should know what your business goals are, both long term and short term.

Simply put, how can your team members come together and work towards something if they do not know what they are working for? Giving the employees of your company set goals will give them an incentive to go above and beyond the bare minimum of their job requirements.

To make sure that everyone is reaching or attempting to reach their goals, consider having either regular progress reports for each member or some other way to hold them accountable. Good workers will want to improve themselves, and discussing their progress with them regularly will be a great motivator.

Hold the Landscaping Crew Accountable

Going hand in hand with establishing clear goals for your employees is holding them accountable for what they do. What this means is ensuring that everyone knows what they are responsible for, and holding them to those responsibilities.

Having every responsibility accounted for within your landscaping company will make it easier for both employees and managers. Individuals will be able to have more pride for the specific tasks that they handle, and if blame needs to be assigned to an error it will be easy to do so.

Encourage Healthy Debate

Another great way to create teamwork within your landscaping company is to encourage healthy and constructive debate. If your employees are not able to communicate openly or are afraid of doing so, it could cause indifference. Having members of your team that don’t care to offer input could be sitting on fantastic ideas, or they could be hiding discomfort for decisions being made.

Create Opportunities for Social Interactions

Last but certainly not least, create opportunities for your employees to engage with each other outside of a work environment. If the team members don’t know anything about each other, how are they supposed to feel close to each other and communicate?

Make sure that these events aren’t forced and mandatory, as your employees most likely won’t be able to enjoy themselves. Instead, try out a variety of events and outings to see which employees show up and what they are receptive to.

For example, our sister company Arborist Now recently took a long, beautiful hike with the whole team. It was a great way to connect with each other and enjoy the beauty of nature together. If that isn’t really an option you could also consider going out for a meal, a sports game (playing or watching), bowling, etc. Find some common interests and use that to plan an outing.

Building Teamwork in Your Landscaping Company: Our Final Thoughts

Building teamwork within your landscaping companies is one of the most important ways to improve your team. Having a group of people who are connected, passionate about what they do, and great at working together will definitely make the ideal team for a landscaping company.

What kind of teambuilding activities do you do with your landscaping team? Are there any that you would be interested to try out?