Best Summer Irrigation Strategies

The COVID-19 lockdown has sparked a surge in home-improvement projects, including gardening. But now many of us are heading back to the office . . . and there are still several weeks of summer ahead. 

You’ll want to makes sure you have a dependable watering strategy in place so your hard work in the garden doesn’t go to waste. Maybe it’s time to install an ultra-efficient drip irrigation system, or to consider improvements or routine maintenance for a system that’s already in place. Here are our tips for the best summer irrigation strategies, so your garden can thrive as you transition back to work.

Irrigation Strategy – Water Deeply and Infrequently 

A beginner gardener might assume that it’s best to water plants for a few minutes every day unless it rains. However, watering daily for just a few minutes can actually be harmful for plants. When you water frequently, but not long enough for the water to soak deeply into the soil, you actually encourage your plants to develop shallow roots. As a result, they’ll be weak and vulnerable to droughts. On the other hand, deep and infrequent watering will encourage your plants to develop strong root systems as they tunnel deep into the soil seeking moisture.


The problem with watering deeply is that it can be time consuming. You need to allow the water to slowly seep into the soil. If you water too fast, the soil won’t be able to absorb all the water. It will run off and go to waste, and may even cause erosion of your soil. If you’re hand-watering, a deep watering involves running your hose at a slow rate for around 15 minutes in each spot. Watering regularly with this method is obviously a significant time commitment.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of deep watering in a less labor-intensive way, an irrigation system is probably the answer. It’s well worth the cost to installing or updating your system. A well-designed system can reduce expenses by making your water use more efficient. You’ll also save yourself a lot of time. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing your plants are well taken care of.


The Benefits of Drip Irrigation 

When you think about irrigation systems, the image of a sprinkler may come to mind. However, as the benefits of drip irrigation are becoming better known, sprinkler systems are quickly losing popularity. As the water from a sprinkler flies through the air, a lot of it can be wasted – or end up where you don’t want it. Too much water landing on the leaves of your plants may even increase their chances of disease. On the other hand, drip irrigation systems deliver water efficiently right to the roots of your plants.

A drip irrigation system is made of plastic tubing laid on the surface of the ground, or even buried beneath it. Tiny holes in the plastic tubing allow water to drip out and soak directly into the soil. In addition to its water efficiency benefits, a drip irrigation system also keeps water off plant leaves, preventing mold problems. You can run a drip irrigation system in the evening and into the night without having to worry about the mold problems that might develop from using sprinklers in the same way.

Homescape Now Irrigation Services 

There’s a wide range of irrigation systems available, and their complexity can be overwhelming. That’s where Homescape Now comes in. To ensure that you’ll reap all the water-efficiency benefits of a drip irrigation system, it’s important to consult with an expert. Don’t waste a lot of money on a system that you’re not sure how to install properly. Homescape Now’s irrigation specialist can design an irrigation system for your yard to ensure that all your plants get the water they need, and that your water bill is as low as it can be. We’ll help you with every stage of the project, from layout and design all the way to selecting the best settings for your individual system and yard.

If you already have an irrigation system in place, it’s still worth giving us a call. All irrigation systems need maintenance from time to time. We offer free system inspections and evaluations, so you can make sure your system is doing what you need it to. Homescape Now can also offer suggestions for improving an existing system, or converting sprinklers to drip irrigation. Don’t risk pouring precious water away through a broken system. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection.