An Autumn Prep Landscaping Checklist

An Autumn Prep Landscaping Checklist

It’s mid-August, which means that the fall season is not far behind.

What should you be doing to prepare your landscape for the upcoming weather changes? Here is our checklist for preparing your lawn and garden areas for autumn.

What You Need to Do Before the Fall Season

Make sure these 5 tasks are checked off your list before the fall season hits.

1. Feed Your Lawn

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You will want to cut back on fertilizer during late summer, so mid to late August. Doing this prevents perennials from wasting their energy on leaf production.

However, grass roots continue to grow until the ground goes under around 40 degrees, so it’s a great time of the year to make sure they are well fed. Consider adding a high phosphorus mix to your lawn to encourage roots and your turf comes back earlier and greener in the spring.

2. Aerate Your Grass

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If you are dealing with rainwater pooling in your lawn, you may want to consider aerating compressed soil to ensure that nutrients and water are able to reach the roots.

For those of you with a smaller yard, you can use a garden fork to handle the job, and for larger areas, you may want to consider a walk-behind aerator.

3. Prune Your Trees

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Damaged, diseased, or dead branches can actually become a safety hazard over the winter. Make sure that all of your trees and shrubs are cut back as much as necessary to avoid any potential breaks or falls during the windy, colder seasons.

4. Mulch Younger Plants

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Make sure that you give any newer plant and flower beds a new layer of mulch. Typically this should be done once the temperatures start to drop, but before the ground freezes in colder areas.

5. Dry Out Your Irrigation Systems

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Leaving standing water can actually freeze up and crack your drip irrigation tubing. You will want to make sure to empty it completely before fall is in full swing.

Our Final Thoughts on Prepping Your Landscaping for Autumn

As the fall season approaches, and the weather outside changes, the needs of your landscaping change too! Following this checklist will ensure that your property stays clean, attractive, and safe for the remainder of the year.

If you need professional assistance with your fall preparations, contact a local, trusted landscaping company to help you get started.

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Homescape Now to help you get ready for the autumn season.