Landscape Lighting

Light is the first element of design; without it, there is no color, form, or texture.

Landscape lighting is an integral part of a well-designed yard. Beyond installing basic fixtures to light your pathways, entryways, and steps, the charm comes with decorative, enchanting lights that show off special features or attractively illuminate your deck or patio. The ambiance of well-placed lights cannot be over-emphasized. With a few lights and creative inspiration, you will have a beautiful and inviting yard that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Low voltage landscape lighting from Homescape Now creates a welcoming atmosphere and increases the safety and security of your home.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

  • Make a lasting impression. Highlight trees, shrubs, porches, doors and special architectural features.
  • Create a mood. Light your patio or porch to create dreamy moods similar to candlelight or soft moonlight. Turn your yard into an outdoor room. The right landscape lighting can generate a warm and welcoming ambiance.
  • Increase safety and security. One of the advantages of an outdoor lighting system is that it can deter burglars or maybe just kids running around at night. And it has this effect without the glare of floodlights.

Lighting Ideas

  • Walkway Lighting: Homescape Now helps light up your paths and walkways in a variety of ways, creating an entrance to your home or yard that is elegant and functional.
  • Entrance Doors: We can place lights overhead of or on either side of a front, back, or side-entry door.
  • Decks and Patios: We design task lighting to illuminate specific areas to make your outdoor cooking very easy. We also light railings and seating areas or highlight a special attraction.
  • Architectural Features: Outdoor landscape lighting can be used to highlight a gazebo, pergola, trellis or a decorative wall.

Whether casting an inviting glow over a walkway or steps, setting trees ablaze with a fiery glow, casting shadows, or highlighting a focal point such as a fountain or sculpture, lighting provided by Homescape Now can add a new dimension to your landscape and home.

Use our convenient online request form to have our lighting specialists visit, look at your property and provide a fair, reasonable and competitive estimate for all of your landscaping lighting ideas.